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  • Coney Island Brewery

    Coney Island Brewery

    With spinning thrills, games of skill, treats on the boardwalk, the Atlantic Ocean and horizon beyond, Coney Island is the end of the Earth. This is America’s playground, the place where dreamers come to be a part of a community built on amusement. At Coney Island, we brew beer that embodies the spirit of our…

  • Boris & Horton

    Boris & Horton

    NYC’s dog-friendly cafe & community space.

  • Chateau le Woof

    Chateau le Woof

    In a city that’s seen it all, we are proud to announce New York City’s very first Pet Market & Café – Château le Woof. It’s an innovative twist to treating yourself to craft coffee along with providing your dog or cat with the most unique and healthiest products on the market. This experience provides…

  • Little L’s NYC Pet Bakery

    Little L’s NYC Pet Bakery

    New York City’s Premier Pet Bakery, freshly baked, treats, cookies & cakes daily !