Brooklyn Heights Veterinary Hospital

Brooklyn Heights Veterinary Hospital

Brooklyn Heights Veterinary Hospital (BHVH) opened in November of 2013 offering high quality pet care under the loving hands of Dr. Heather Thomson. Together with her warm, dedicated staff, Dr. Thomson has grown BHVH into a neighborhood mainstay where local dogs drag their owners through the red door instead of out.

The BHVH office is located at 59 Hicks Street on the corner of Cranberry Street, in the historic Brooklyn Heights neighborhood. The modest white building with the (now) red door was likely constructed in 1822 by John Rogers, (one who repairs casks and barrels), although research from local historians indicates it could be a few years older. Later that century, it would become the architectural offices of John and Washington Roebling, the designers of the Brooklyn Bridge. In the late 1950s it would finally become a veterinary hospital, maintaining the moniker “Heights Veterinary Hospital” for over fifty years under the care and attention of the late Dr. Bernard Wasserman and his partner Dr. Richard Turoff.

When the doors were closed in 2012, the future of the space was uncertain. In 2013, Dr. Heather Thomson leased the space as her own practice, adding “Brooklyn” to the beginning of the name, and reviving the tradition of providing intimate, personalized care to animals in a community-driven neighborhood known for loving their pets. After painstaking renovations that uncovered a 200-year-old “lucky” shoe hiding in the walls, the hospital was re-reopened in the spring of 2015 as the sparkling, modernized, beloved space we know today.

As we are constantly striving to provide the most up-to-date care, please visit our Services page for the list of services we currently offer.

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