Camp Canine

Camp Canine

Every single member of Camp Canine is a dog lover. They have been selected for their vast knowledge and experience, but it’s their love of animals that makes Camp Canine special. Only you love your dog more than we do!

Camp Canine and Camp Feline have undergone some major changes recently; the most important of which is that we are now owned and operated by a new owner! Mike Becker has managed and operated various businesses over the last 20 years, and combining his love for business with his love for animals is a dream come true! After meeting the staff, seeing how happy the animals were and getting to know Tania, the decision to become Camp Canine’s new owner was an easy one.

Mike has dived head-first into the world of Camp Canine, Camp Feline and caring for your pets. Camp Canine is already the premier daycare, grooming, and boarding center for the Upper West Side, and Mike aims to make it the premier pet care facility for all of New York City. Under his management, we will continue providing luxury care for all of the dogs and cats who visit us, and continue to cultivate an environment where our employees and clients, both two-legged and four-legged alike, love coming through our doors!

When he’s not manning the helm of Camp Canine, Mike enjoys spending quality time with his two pups, Barney, a seventeen-year-old Havanese, and 9-month-old Miniature Sheepadoodle, Shea.

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