Pawsability Dog Club

Pawsability Dog Club

In the United States, only 58% of young adults with autism have held paying jobs (A.J. Drexel Autism Institute). This staggering statistic and the success of other autism friendly businesses are what inspired our founders to establish Pawsability Dog Club Inc. (“Pawsability”).

Pawsabillity is a dog daycare in Bushwick, Brooklyn that provides worthwhile vocational training and meaningful employment opportunities for individuals with ASD. At Pawsability, our staff have the ability to prosper through relevant work readiness and vocational training that can lead to long term employment.

Our mission is to bridge the gap in employment access for people with ASD and to foster a neurodiverse workforce. As a non-profit, 100% of our proceeds support our ongoing mission.

If your dog can’t enjoy our services in Bushwick, you can still help us achieve our mission by joining the Pawsability Pack.

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