Urban Woof NYC

Urban Woof NYC

Urban Woof NYC is a premier full-dog care facility located in the Upper East Side. We are dedicated to the peace of mind of our clients. We ensure that pets receive an excellent pet care service leading to a healthier and happier life. We are available rain or shine, night or day, to meet your needs.

We pride ourselves on our solid reputation that has been built over fifteen years of excellent customer service. Urban Woof NYC guarantees that with our experienced staff and 24-hour supervised care, your dog is always in a safe and caring environment.

– To provide loving care for all our furry friends
– Peace of mind for all clients through a consistent reliable service
– To always ensure a fun and unique experience

Safe and happy furry urban New Yorkers
Selection of green urban areas routes where pets may thrive in

– Well-being of our furry friends
– Trust built on our team’s integrity
– Family and love are our foundation

Our Services:
An outdoorsy dog is a happy dog indeed! Urban Woof NYC is dedicated to providing each of our furry friends with all the attention and care that they need and deserve. At least for the time spent away from home.

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